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A safety valve is used in several of the machines. It plays a very important role of regulating the pressure in the hydraulic systems. But before discussing its working principle let us have a brief understanding about the working principle of safety valve. In this article I will discuss all the things about safety valve.

The working principle of safety valves is based on two concepts. The first concept is that it helps to control the overload of the system. The other concept is that it helps to reduce the inlet or excess pressure of the fluid vessels. Both concepts are based on hydraulic engineering principle. Let’s have a look at these concepts one by one.


The first concept of a safety valve is that it relieves the overload in the hydraulic system. This excess pressure is created because of the unbalanced hydraulic system. So, when the excess pressure is created in the system then the safety valve automatically relives the pressure to the system. It means that the pilot valve automatically opens for reducing the inlet or excess pressure.


Another example for safety valve is the automatic pressure switch. It is very similar with the pilot valve. When the system reaches the overload then automatically the switch automatically shuts down. So the main difference is that in the automatic pressure switch the safety valve is used when there is no flow in the system. So, in this case there is no additional pressure created in the medium.


Then comes the concept of safety valve, which was explained above. The pressure inside the medium increases when the load increases. But if the load decreases then it does not increase the pressure inside the medium. So the safety valve is useful for such situations only.


There are some safety valves which are used in the power supply to prevent the overload to come in the system. The most common one is the safety relief valve. The safety relief valve is used to open when the machine reaches the maximum overload and then a relief spring is installed to reduce the pressure inside the system so that the machine stops functioning smoothly.


There are some electrical appliances which have the safety valve built into the device. These boilers have a safety valve built into the boiler itself. When the boiler is working at its maximum capacity then a relief coil or a safety relief valve is installed which automatically relives the machine when there is high pressure inside the boiler.


The safety valves are generally widely used in different applications like, gas, oil, electricity, steam and even air conditioning and refrigeration. But there are some specific applications where the safety valves are commonly used. For instance, the relief valves are commonly used in the power supply and the power control circuit of all sorts of electrical appliance. Similarly, the safety valves are commonly used in the steam turbines and the boilers for preventing the occurrence of steam explosion.


Generally speaking the safety valve is designed to prevent the occurrence of overpressure conditions in the system. Overpressure conditions are dangerous, because it may result in explosion or fire. The common causes of overpressure conditions are the overload of the pressurized gas or liquid and the resultant pressure build-up. As the pressure increase in the pipelines or vessels of the system increases so does the potential of explosion. Therefore, it is always advisable to have these safety valves installed in all kinds of electrical appliances so that they do not pose any threat to your life and property.


Apart from preventing the occurrence of an explosion or fire the safety valve also has another important role to play in the safety of the working of the power systems. Generally the pressure relief valves are used for controlling the flow of the pressurized fluids. These are specially designed relief valves which are fitted just below the main valve body. As the pressure relief valves have a direct connection to the main body of the machine, so they are placed where the pressure fluctuations could result in leakage of oil or the gases. If the leakage occurs then the machine stops functioning as the entire machine is stopped due to the lack of proper lubrication.


There are different types of safety valve. A pressure relief valve (or part) is basically a safety valve but it has some additional functions like in the case of a water pump it acts as a control valve so that you can regulate the water pump’s pressure. If you want to buy an electric boiler then you will require a pressure relief valve. This is so because these are generally fitted with the heat exchanger that needs to be regulated.


In order to find out whether there is any possibility of an overpressure condition, there are certain signs that can alert you that there is an overpressure condition in your equipment. One of the common symptoms of an overpressure condition is the increase in the temperature of the liquid or gaseous fuel. When this happens the flue pipes may burst and cause an explosion. In order to avoid explosions, you should ensure that the safety valves are properly installed.

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