Getting Into the Chemical Engineering Field Can Be an Excellent Choice

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What’s the average salary for a chemical engineer? Chemical engineering degrees provide high earning potential now, and some of today’s highest-paying chemical engineering majors earn well over $109,912 per year for a full-time mid-career salary. This is considerably higher than the median salary for American workers of all educational backgrounds. And these engineers often work in industries directly related to their areas of expertise such as chemical manufacturers, chemical processors, chemical distributors, chemical facilities, chemical analysis labs, pharmaceutical companies, and others.


To begin your chemical engineering career, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. There are a variety of online chemical engineering programs that will allow you to do so. It is not required to attend one of these programs in order to take the exam to become certified. However, if you are unable to attend a college near you, there are many community colleges that offer certification programs.


When taking the exam to get your certification, there are several topics that you will need to know and understand. One of those is your average GPA across all your classes. This shows employers that you are competent and are able to maintain the standard of education that you received in college. Some chemicals engineering majors report that their median GPA was above the national average GPA of just a couple of points, but it may depend on the specific chemical engineering major and the area of study.


Average chemical engineering salaries are dependent upon the type of position that you are seeking. If you want to work in a laboratory setting, then you will likely earn more than someone with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. The same is true with individuals who choose to go into industry specific fields. The type of work that you do will also factor into your salary.


Manufacturing positions pay more than those in food production because there is a higher concentration of individuals who must do repetitive tasks. Those working in pharmaceutical or bio-medical manufacturing have fewer task-oriented employees because they are highly focused on precision manufacturing. Those who choose jobs in environmental cleanup are typically paid lower salaries because their job requires them to clean up a lot more on a regular basis than someone in a laboratory. These types of chemical engineers typically work in petroleum refineries and power plants.


Some chemical engineers decide to continue on to college and pursue a Master’s degree in order to pursue higher paying jobs in their field. Many choose to continue on to become business development associates. With this certification, chemical engineers can develop new business plans and designs for manufacturing and industrial processes. These MBA graduates may be able to get a lower starting salary when starting out, but over time, this number increases. The certification of an MBA allows you to demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in chemical engineering.


Chemical engineers must be prepared to perform a variety of functions in almost every industry that they work in. Because the majority of them work with chemicals, they will often have to deal with handling large amounts of chemicals on a daily basis. Other chemical engineers work within the facilities of various companies and do things such as make sure that chemical manufacturing is done according to government standards, secure sensitive information from employees, and so much more.


If you are looking to get a higher salary, chemical engineering degrees are definitely a great option to consider. This is because many manufacturing companies require employees to obtain this certification in addition to education on the manufacturing process. These employers understand that if their manufacturing process is not 100% dependable, they could lose millions of dollars. As a result, they require all of their chemical engineers to have proper training so that they are fully capable of performing their jobs to the best of their ability.

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